• Carry into your home or office 
  • Remove old bottles 
  • Change bottle if needed 


Want to make sure your drinking water is always the right temperature and safe to drink?

A quick answer to that question is installing a water cooler. Our water coolers are perfect for your home or office. Our water coolers also provide the option of multiple temperature settings. It means you can enjoy a glass of cold water and a hot beverage at the same time. With this temperature control setting, you can also enjoy instant soups, noodles, hot chocolate, tea and coffee within minutes.

How Bottled Water Service Works?

Once you sign-up for the water cooler service, we will promptly deliver a water cooler to your home or office. Our water coolers come in many styles and colors, so that they don’t look out of place in your existing decor. Also, these coolers are energy-efficient and extremely low maintenance. Some other benefits include:

  • Options available for purchase or rent
  • Energy efficient means more savings
  • Great option for residential and commercial water needs

Bottle water delivery options we offer:

  • 5 gallon water bottles
  • Carried into your home or office
  • Removal of old bottles
  • Bottle change if needed

Talk to us today regarding your water cooler needs!