• Free In-Home Water Testing 
  • Ultra Violet/Ozone Techonology 
  • Low Maintenance 
  • On Demand 
  • Up to 5 Year Warranty 
  • No Mon 


Is bacteria-contaminated water concerning you?

Iron bacteria produces a reddish-brown slime in water. When left untreated, it can give water a distinct odor, taste, and slime. This bacteria can affect your home’s plumbing system as well; the iron slime builds up and solidifies inside the plumbing fixtures, clogging or resulting in breakdown of the system. Moreover, areas receiving torrential rains, hurricanes, and floods are constantly at risk of bacterial growth due to constant flux of water.

Beauchamp Water has solutions to your iron bacteria and sulfate bacteria problems.

The solution: If bacteria is suspected, we send a water sample to a third-party lab to detect the exact issue. Based on the result of the test, we prescribe the best water treatment system. Depending on the intensity of the problem, we may recommend a couple of systems that can not only treat the water but can also prevent it from recurring in the future. Our systems don’t just resolve the issue, they go beyond by offering the following advantages: 

  • Low Maintenance means more savings
  • System used on-demand assuring less waste
  • No more expensive monthly filter changes
  • Uses ultra violet or ozone technology

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