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Beauchamp Water Treatment and Supply was founded on the roots of the Beauchamp family in the water treatment business.  William Beauchamp started Village and Country Soft Water in 1976, in Linden MI, born of a passion for service and the challenge of helping people solve their water treatment problems. With this passion for helping people and a skill for solving difficult water treatment problems Village and Country Soft Water quickly became the preeminent water treatment company in Southeast Michigan and rapid growth occurred.  The entire Beauchamp Family, including all the children, were actively involved in the success, growth and daily operation of the business.  Many stories are told of the kids helping their Dad install water treatment equipment before, during and after school. Needless to say the water treatment business is ingrained in their DNA.

In 1992 Jerrad Beauchamp and his wife Leslie left the water treatment business and started  Beauchamp Lawn and Landscape. With their business acumen, a lot of hard work, passion for customer service and doing things the “Right Way” the landscape business flourished and now encompasses six different companies. In 2003 the water treatment business was sold and for the first time in nearly thirty years the Beauchamp name was no longer synonymous with water.  Over the course of the following years many customers inquired if Jerrad Beauchamp may again consider getting back in to the water treatment business.  In 2014 Jerrad and Leslie Beauchamp founded Beauchamp Water Treatment and Supply. The Beauchamp Water Treatment and Supply headquarters is located in Hartland MI. just a few miles from the original building and services Livingston, Oakland, Washtenaw, Genessee and the surrounding counties.

beauchamp-waterTheir goal?
Rebuild the foundations the original water treatment company was founded on.
Passion for water, Professionalism, Knowledge, Customer service, Pride in their work and a desire to help people solve their water treatment problems.  With these business principles in place Beauchamp Water Treatment and Supply  has seen rapid growth and once again is one of the premier water treatment companies in Southeast Michigan.

 If you are experiencing water treatment problems, have concerns about the quality of your water or just want to assure your water treatment system is working as efficiently as possible, please contact the Beauchamp Water Treatment and Supply team of professionals to Feel, Taste and See the Difference a Beauchamp Water Treatment system will have for your household.